South Florida Real Estate Investing
Investment Opportunities in South Florida Real Estate
Whether it's just the basics of real estate investment or learning about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), you've come to the right place.

The uncertain future of social security has made it necessary for many people to think seriously about their financial future. In addition to participating in retirement programs, investing has become a popular method of ensuring financial stability.

Simply put, to invest means to spend money with the intention of eventually achieving a profit. The purchase of stocks and bonds is one method of investment, while others elect to invest in real estate.

What is 
Real Estate Investing?

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Investing in Real Estate, South Florida

Real estate investment refers to the process of purchasing and managing an investment property for the purpose of achieving a long-term profit. While some elect to invest in commercial real estate, such as restaurants, store fronts or factories, one of the most popular methods of real estate investment involves the purchase of a rental property.
When investing in domestic real estate, a person typically purchases a property with the intention of fixing it up, then renting it out to tenants. This can include everything from a single-family dwelling to a multiple tenant apartment building, yet the basic premise is the same.

The tenants are responsible for paying the rent to the property owner, or landlord, who in turn is responsible for paying the property’s mortgage as well as attending to any necessary maintenance.

Ideally, the landlord charges enough in rent to cover the tenant’s utilities, the mortgage and maintenance rather than tacking on extra to earn a profit.

The key in real estate investment is patience and time, for once the property’s mortgage is paid off, everything aside from maintenance is profit. If a pipe breaks in the middle of the winter, it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix the damage. In this way, investing in real estate can be risky, as one needs to seriously consider the potential return on their investment before making the purchase. 

Older homes in particular may have far more issues than what may be initially apparent at the time of purchase.

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when considering whether or not to invest in real estate. First, the location of the property is of the utmost importance.

Not only are potential tenants looking to live in a clean, attractive building which is relatively safe, they also want to be located in close proximity to stores, restaurants, banks, schools and other amenities.

Particularly in urban areas, having easy access to public transportation may be important as well, so properties which are located next to bus stops or metro stations can be more desirable.
It is also important to consider the actual value of the investment property. This means honestly comparing the potential income relative to the amount of work and money required to keep the building operating in a safe, clean manner.

While some properties may be tempting because of a lower price tag, upon farther inspection the buyer learns that they must invest a large sum of money into getting the property up to code.

This can include everything from fixing electrical issues to replacing a damaged foundation or installing a whole new septic system.

What is your Financial Philosophy?

What do you do with Every Dollar you earn?  
Where do you want to be at retirement?
Are you even saving for retirement?
​Are you letting your $ work for you?

More money = more freedom.

​I don’t care what you say. No, money isn’t the answer to all your problems but it certainly brings a lot of happiness by enabling you to provide a better life for you and your family.​

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What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of real estate? Is it your next house? Or that cute, hot realtor you came across the other day?  No, it’s better than that … maybe!

Did you ever think about investment opportunities?

That’s right - there are numerous opportunities awaiting you in real estate investing. Real estate investing can easily be one of your smartest investments. Properties play a huge part in the investment game.
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South Florida Flips


If you’re adventurous and you dare to go on a limb or enjoy taking leaps of faith, this might be the road for you.

It’s important to note, not everyone who acquires real estate or buys a house becomes rich.  You’ve got to be wise and educate yourself on the matter. We want to share our knowledge with you in the hopes that you will take the plunge and dive in! We will share our experiences and tips on real estate investing. 

Invest Your Money Wisely

Many people compare it to the Stock market, but really there is no competition. The stock market can easily crash and so can your money along with it. In addition, if you have your money saved in a 401K or savings account, what’s the return on investment (ROI) for that?

Since the early days of human civilization but predominantly over the last 50 years, real estate has become such a popular avenue for investing. However, it is more involved and intricate than investing in equities and bonds.

If you’re looking into investing, one of the things you have to add to your portfolio is definitely real estate. Real estate investing is crucial if you want to improve your cash flow. It can make you a millionaire.  Its an amazing tool that a few people have learned to master. It isn’t for the faint of heart.  
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Real Estate Investing 101

Real Estate Investing is pretty much, when you either buy, own or sell a house, rental unit(s) or land for profit. You can chose to improve the property by fixing It up and selling it or leasing it out as your real investment strategy.

Fixing the house up is called “flipping”.  Here you can buy the house for a low price, fix it up and sell it for a much higher price or just buying it at market value, fixing it up and selling it for a small profit.

Reasons why you should invest:

  • Positive cash flow: Who doesn’t like extra income? Whether it’s a house flip or you’re renting out, you make out with some extra cash. However, you’ve got to keep an eye on repair costs, contractors, days on market, etc.   
  • Tax Benefits: Did you know that the IRS allows investors a 1031 provision which encourages you to purchase and lease properties and pay significantly less than other business owners? Look into it!
  • Appreciation: There have been periods of financial crisis’ and inflation, but overall, owning real estate has been a positive thing because properties tend to increase in value. Over the past century, real estate in America has increased on average by 3%. Not always guaranteed, but if you upgrade the property, there’s a higher chance of it’s value going up.
  • Improve your return on investment: real estate investing give you better returns on what you’re currently getting back from the bank and it’s definitely safer than the stock market. ​

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